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Will someone please think of the children?

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helen-lovejoyWill someone please think of the children?” With Helen Lovejoy’catchprase,  Matt Groening summarizes very well this kind of moral alarmism that easily finds room in italian politics.

But how true is this unselfish concern for the children?
Gabriella Carlucci showed an incredible gift of synthesis in response to this question.

The former Parliamentary Showgirl, already known for having crashed a bus with her Porsche and escaping in the woring direction, for the proposed law against anonymity on the Internet, for being caught writing this proposal four hands with the President of Univideo in clear conflict of interest, for her poor figure against Nobel Prize Sheldon Glashow vilifying the work of Professor Maiani, for having publicly criticized the notoriously low salaries of Italian parliamentarians , for trying to break a camera and be able to break two microphones of three “correspondant” from a satirical TV show (long sentence, ain’t it?)  decided to strengthen her curriculum of smart speeches with this phrase:

I wish that as soon as your son will have access to Facebook he’d get intercepted by pedophiles and that they meet him at school … I really wish you!

The sentence was given to Alessandro Gilioli during a conference on freedom of the network. This is the video.

People not understand the Italian might be wondering which offensive words of Alexander Gilioli could have lead to such a response. He is saying:

“Internet is the reality, is the environment. Internet is like my house, or your house. Putting a policeman at every corner won’t save our children”

Written by Davide Orazio Montersino

April 28th, 2009 at 8:09 pm

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